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One doctor-gynecologist has lost work and has decided to be arranged with the car mechanician in car-care center. At employment the master to it suggests to carry out the task - partition of the engine with an estimation done in points.

"And how many points I should type, - the doctor "asks Hundred: fifty for disassembly of the engine, fifty for assembly" "it is good", the doctor has answered and has touched the engine - "Well, in what you have estimated me?" "Hundred fifty - the master - fifty for disassembly, fifty for assembly and fifty more that you have made it through an exhaust pipe has answered!"

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How to jump-start your car
In the "things we should already all know but probably don't" category, eHow has a tutorial (with pictures) for jump-starting your car. When I was in high school, knowing how to jump-start my crappy but beloved Buick came in handy on many occasions, so I know the value of a good, safe jump-start (I still keep jumper cables in my trunk wherever I go). If you've never taken the time out to learn how to jump-start your car, it'd be worth your while to give eHow's tutorial a look.

The fastest car in the world
The best safe cars in Europe 2007
Euro NCAP has lead the next series of crash-tests which once again has proved, that the automobile companies have learned to do rather safe machines. This time to tests have undergone Fiat Bravo, Toyota Corolla, Honda Legend, Honda CR-V and Mitsubishi Outlander new generation.
Rates of Driver Death
 The most dangerous and most safe cars in the USA
Hitler's car sell for 15 million dollars on "Christie's" auction
 The car made under the special order of great dictator Hitler, becomes the most expensive car ever sold on auction.
The most dangerous road in the world is in Bolivia
 The road is always dangerous by itself. But is there are in the world very dangerous roads. Such, as old road in Bolivian province Yungas (North Yungas Road). Many people consider it as the most dangerous road in the world and call it Death road.
Insurance of ancient cars
 Insurance of ancient cars is one of the most mysterious areas in insurance. The foreign insurance companies also include set of clauses, nuances in such contract of insurance, etc.
James Bond has broken three exclusive Aston Martin during one day
 Three 12-cylinder Aston Martin DBS simply overturned on a roof.
On what pay attention buying car?
 Check of working capacity of EVERYTHING that only it is possible - all bulbs, turn signal, yard keepers, water cleaners, etc.
Peugeot cars to be forbidden in Russia
 Car drivers have received good precedent. The inhabitant of Rostov-on-Don has managed to achieve from " Peugeot " huge indemnification - more than $75000
Summer tire
 The basic achievements of this trunk - outstanding parameters of braking on any covering, excellent course stability and protection against hydroplaning owing to innovative three-dimensional flutes of a protector.
The most exclusive car in the world - Tramontana
 Tramontana is, perhaps, the most unusual in the world of supercars. Its founders did not pursue records of speed, for them the main thing was - to transfer spirit of sports cars of the beginning of XX century.
Tramadol and driving
For the first time I has tried tramadol about 2 years ago. I had headache after car accident and I used tramadol as anesthetizing. Then I started to use it more often...
Real female cars
 According to this concept, and also owing to own curiosity, it was possible to establish some patrimonial attributes femme-avto.

Car crash
car crash

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Rates of Driver Death
The most dangerous and most safe cars in the USA
Real female cars
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