How To Back car into a Parking Space

Use the following steps or view the video below.

  1. Locate an empty parking spot. If you are able to find a parking spot with only one car or no cars on either side you will be able to reduce your chance of an accident while increasing your visibility. If you are practicing backing into a parking spot for the first time, it might be a good idea to find an empty parking lot for your first few tries.
  2. After you have located a parking spot, drive in front of it so that the rear bumper of your vehicle is slightly in front of the space.
  3. Alert other drivers of your intentions to back into this parking spot by turning on your blinker or your emergency flashers.
  4. Before putting your vehicle into reverse, check for oncoming vehicles in front of you and approaching vehicles from behind you. Check your rear view and side mirrors for pedestrians. This is a very important safety precaution, especially if you are in the parking lot of a public place.
  5. Shift your vehicle into reverse. Turn your steering wheel to the right as you slowly begin to accelerate in reverse.
  6. Continue moving backwards and begin to straighten your vehicle’s steering wheel as your car enters the parking space. Always check your left and right mirrors to make sure you don’t hit cars around you.
  7. Once your car is aligned in the parking space, straighten your steering wheel and continue to back into the parking spot until the front of your vehicle is aligned with the front of the other vehicles in that row. Make sure that you are far enough into the parking space that the front of your vehicle is not obstructing the aisle; however, also be careful not to continue in reverse until you hit the curb or the vehicle parked behind you.
  8. Shift your car into park and prepare to exit the vehicle.

Learning to Drive : How to Back a Car into a Parking Spot


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