James Bond has broken three exclusive Aston Martin for one day

Aston Martin DBS crushed by James BondWhat will do with you your wife (mum, the grandmother) if you will crash her three favourite and very expensive vases? Hardly it only will be upset and will hard sigh. And what it is possible to make with that who has broken three cars Aston Martin DBS (while this model has not appeared at all on sale) cost of $300 thousand everyone? Correctly, to put in a corner but if this person call James Bond you with it will not make anything. As these expensive cars As these dear cars have ruined stuntmen during shootings an episode with shooting and a pursuit from next, 21-st under the account, film about the agent 007 " Casino Royale ". On three 12-cylinder Aston Martin DBS simply overturned on a roof (anybody from stuntmen has not suffered) for maximal effect. And so three times successively for one film-making day.