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On what to pay attention buying car?

On what to pay attention buying car?1. External survey - a condition of a paint and varnish covering (presence having chopped off, cracks, scratchs), uniformity of backlashes of a body (on the right and to the left of a cowl, a cover of a luggage carrier, wings, doors), opening-closing of doors, glasses, a condition of interior (adjustment of seats, a covering), etc.

2. Working capacity of indexes of the panel of devices (on new something is frequent does not work).

3. A condition of a check point - turn transfers to include/switch off coupling - to listen to noise. All new boxes anyhow rustle, but noise should be soft and unostentatious.

4. Work of the engine - well, it rather since new engine is too loud also is adjusted, for certain, badly. But obvious noise, knocks and other sounds should not be. To check up presence of liquids.

5. Check of working capacity of EVERYTHING that only it is possible - all bulbs, turn signal, yard keepers, water cleaners, etc.

6. Look completeness - the tool, the pump etc.

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