The most dangerous road in the world is in Bolivia

The road is always dangerous by itself. But is there are in the world very dangerous roads. Such, as old road in Bolivian province Yungas (North Yungas Road). Many people consider it as the most dangerous road in the world and call it Death road.

On these 70 kilometers, connecting La Paz and Korojko, annually crash more than 25 machines, 100-200 person perishes. According to one sources, the road has been constructed in 1930th years by Paraguayan prisoners. Others speak, that an American building company has worked here in the 70th years of the last century.

Each two weeks one more car falls in this gorge.

Each two weeks one more car falls in this gorge

The road goes down from height of 3,6 thousand meters up to 330 meters above sea level. Here are very abrupt slopes, a slippery and dirty covering. Somewhere it is impossible to pass two machines simultaneously - it is necessary to stop, go forward and talk who will go back.

Almost steep and very deep breakage. One mistake means death.

By the way, one of local road rules orders to the driver of a going down car to keep external edge of road, and the priority right is always at a transport climbing up uphill. Somewhere buss or truck hardly go in the road.

On this road two cars can part with greater work. Sometimes, however, and one can pass, only having lowered wheel above a precipice.

The trucks can hardly pass the road

But it is still not all. During travel on this "highway" drivers should deal with not most favorable weather: the cool plateau of the Andes with monthly average temperatures from 6 up to 11 degrees of Celsius is replaced by damp jungle of Amazon. Road is not only narrow, but also very, very slippery. Asphalt covers only the first 20 kilometers of the road, the rest - a is dirt and clay. Also do not forget, that a motor-vehicles of Bolivia are very old with the erased tires.

Dense fogs road happens it is visible only on some meters forward. And then it is necessary to move very slowly and accurately. Not only, to not collide with passers - because of tropical downpours often there are landslips, and the piece of road can simply wash off. Here it, the recipe of fatal fear.

The road has received the name rather recently, in December, 1999 when the car with 8 Israeli tourists has fallen in a precipice. But it is not the loudest accident on this route. On July, 24th, 1983 the bus with more than hundred passengers fell into canyon - for today this most terrible road accident for all history of Bolivia. Local residents if they should go through Death road, pray to reach alive. If something happens, the way up to the nearest hospital will take several hours.

This buss is lucky

However North Yungas Road - one of few routes connecting northern Bolivia with capital, therefore its operation does not stop, despite of everything. From the beginning of 1990th years danger of death of road has made its popular among tourists.

Many come here to lift a level of adrenaline in blood, having gone down on an off-road car or a mountain bicycle, reaching somewhere up to 80 km/h. But not everybody come back. Those who has managed to pass after it and to survive, compare this route to conquest of the Everest. And usual inhabitants of Bolivia continue "to try" this road every day.

Meanwhile, on hearings, monstrous 70 kilometers in Yngas – are only the second on a degree of danger road to the world. There is the "Road of death " in Bangladesh. If really there is something more terribly than Bolivian "route" it is impossible to call it “road”. For such road the name is more shortly - simply "Death".