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The fastest cars in the world

British agency Sky News has publishes the list of the fastest cars in the world. This rating consists of 20 vehicles. By the way, among them are not only new models. The fastest car number one now is Ultimate Aero TT.
Ultimate Aero TT
This supercar has engine V8, 6.3L with double turbo. blowing with power of 1180 horse powers. Thanks to this superengine SCC Ultimate Aero TT can reach the speed of 408 km/h. The most expensive car Bugatti Veyron with motor og 1001 horse powers took only the second place. The oficcialy registered speed of Veyron is 405 km/h. On the third place is Koenigsegg CCX, which has more than 1000 "horses".

The fastests cars in the world:
1. SCC Ultimate Aero TT 408 km/h
2. Bugatti Veyron 405 km/h
3. Koenigsegg CCX 387,2 km/h
4. McLaren F1 384 km/h
5. Edonis 363,2 km/h
6. Gumpert Apollo 358,4 km/h
7. Ferrari Enzo - 347,2 km/h
8. Pagani Zonda F - 342,4 km/h
9. Jaguar XJ220 339,4 km/h
10. Bugatti EB110 338 km/h
11. Lamborghini Diablo GT 337 km/h
12. Lamborghini Murcielago 336,5 km/h
13. Bristol Fighter 336 km/h
14. Mercedes SLR 722 McLaren 334,4 km/h
15. Porsche Carrera GT 328 km/h
16. Ford GT40 325 km/h
17. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 324 km/h
18. Ferrari F50 323,2 km/h
19. Ferrari F40 321,6 km/h
20. Ascari KZ1 320 km/h.
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