The real female cars

What cars do women prefer?The female car Men have completely lost for war for superiority on road, having given fine ladies the right to solve, by what to go. What woman wants from the car?

"Well, here where it turns? Sometimes simply it would be desirable to leave the machine and to ask the next blond angel: "Tell, and what you were going to do and than guided, when have risen across Tver? " - a typical monologue of the taxi driver which carries me for work. But, perhaps, " the mute reproach " is the only thing, that women have left to men, sowing for a rudder.

Women have driven in the man's four-wheel world and perfectly adapted in it, they had even bad habits: they are painted and powdered, looking in a mirror of a back kind, simultaneously smoke and speak by a mobile phone, sometimes even manage to read magazines. The automobile world already all belongs to them. And now not everyone the man will risk to buy the first got car.

Suddenly cars there will be a unisex or in general female? Even metro-sexuals prefer brawny and aggressive cars which do not force to doubt about their orientation. It is paradoxical, but women in this sense are more free. I, for example, do not presume to myself Nissan Micra color of fresh salad or Mini Cooper colors of pink lipstick - incorrectly will understand me, and very young beauties in general will find, that I do not represent for them interest. Women can buy to themselves the car of any model of any shade and perfectly itself in it feel, and with man's car will be fast as with socks - they "can be any color, if this color - black ".

WWhat itself the so-called female car represents? Perhaps, optimum representation about it exists at company Volvo. There in time have seen, that women at the wheel every year becomes more and more, and have given to them to solve, what should be the car for a fine floor. Have collected a command from nine women who have easily created very curious 3 -door a hatch-back under name Y, have covered with its teflon paint which is pushing away pollution. The cowl of this car is closed tightly, and it is necessary to fill in washing liquid through an aperture at doors. You do not open a cowl, you are not spoiled also all you do in interior, instead of on a wind. A class! In opinion of founders, the woman is the most exacting client in segment Premium, and they to this segment potarfily.

According to this concept, and also owing to own curiosity, it was possible to establish some patrimonial attributes femme-avto:

1. Design - the most important factor at a choice.
2. Bright color - red the most preferable.
3. Ease in management (the automatic box of transfers and the good amplifier of a rudder is meant it).
4. A radio tape recorder - women, as is known, love ears, and it is not necessary to litter them rattles.
5. Safety - prompts a natural instinct of self-preservation, that the car is better to choose more reliably.
6. A convenient luggage carrier - purchases should not become crumpled.
7. Convenience of a parking - one more important item (that is short lowers in front and behind, and the they it is less, the it is easier to park).

The number of machines meeting these requirements was as a result formed. Women do not give special attention to horsepowers, seconds up to hundred and the resolved maximal weight. Them appearance more interests, and it has played with them a malicious joke, as in case of with fine Mini. Certainly, the car looks a candy with the chromeplated fringings. The speedmeter is more similar on weights, than to the automobile gauge. But behind seductively naive appearance rigid enough car with habits sports a card disappears. The rudder hard, a suspension bracket responds to each roughness, and it is possible to put in a luggage carrier unless a umbrella.

Peugeot 1007 corresponds practically to all female criteria, moreover, the car cares and about manicure - doors open pressing of the button on a trinket. A luggage carrier modest enough but if hardly to combine two back armchairs, it becomes simply huge. The unique minus - here is not present the usual automatic device, and only robotized box, that is it switches transfers itself, and here on a hill slides back.

Nissan Micra perfectly looks and, unlike competitors, strut around a graceful fabric upholstery of interior and a radio tape recorder with keys under an ivory. A luggage carrier of the average sizes, but quite sufficient for monthly attack in the nearest supermarket.

Except for these babies on whom the signature stamp " for female using " is actually already imposed, in a category of cars for housewives get practically all universals. Unless Chrysler 300ß, and that Here does not concern only because it looks so gangster, that everyone will want to buy it far not the man. Moreover some models universals which are used often by fine wholesalers will not approach women.

But the most interesting that some amazons have reached and the present off-road cars, having destroyed ordinary opinion, that to women submit all colorous, joy and compact. Present business, vigorous students and simply reasonable women not so trust in man's support, therefore and aspire to independence, including on road. Many of them drive the machine rather valiantly, but is accurate, and easily consult even with new-off-road cars like Mercedes-Benz ML or Ford Explorer.

They only seem slow and bulky. Actually to the woman to operate them in a sense it is easier and easier - nobody will dare to cut, the machine will not get stuck in our dirt, and thick tire covers are pierced seldom enough. And if such machine will rise across Tver, anybody and make a sound will not dare - it is not visible, who there at the wheel, the blonde or the bodyguard which has lagged behind a train.

Stars loved validity

Marlene Dietrich idolized huge Auburn 851 Speedster 1934 and with love named it "my cloud". Greta Garbo perceived in 1927 favourite 7.7-liter Rolls-Royce Phantom as a stage put on wheels. The car indeed it was possible to accept for a pedestal, in fact only the height of a board of this giant made 160 centimeters! And the record, indoubtedly, belongs great Edith Piaph which at growth of 47 centimeters of 1 meter went on Packard Caribbean 1955 in length of 5 meters 55

Glasses clean ladies

The invention of such important device as automobile yard keepers, belongs to the woman. More precisely - to two women. The first called Mary Andersen, and in 1902 it has invented the manual device which tolerably enough cleaned glasses in rainy weather. The second lady called Charlotte Bridzhvud, and that has already patented yard keepers with the electric drive which in heavy road conditions did not distract the driver from road. However the final variant of a drive of yard keepers has remained behind firm Bosch.