Hitler's car sell for 15 million dollars on "Christie's" auction

 The car made under the special order of great dictator Hitler, becomes the most expensive car ever sold on auction.

Auction house Christie's will mark the beginning of 2007 opening of a new season of sales of exclusive cars. The most prestigious show of classical cars Retromobile 2007 will take place in Paris. The main subject of this show will be Audi Auto Union D-Type 1939 of the release, made by Ferdinand Porshe under Adolf Hitler's personal order. The car which as it is considered, existed only in duplicate, has been made with a view of glorification of technological successes of "the third Reich". German engineers really could be proud of themselves as this car is capable to be dispersed by capacity of 485 horsepowers up to 300 km/h.

This car consider count as the most important for all history of automobile auctions. During the Second world war the second copy of the car has been destroyed, and the first has been taken away to Russia for studying its structure. The car have been taken to pieces and have been hidden. Details have been found only in 1990 then it have again collected, and here now hitlerite D-Type waits for the hour of triumph to establish a world record. It is expected, that the car will be sold at least for $15 million, that on the whole order beats the previous record in 5,5 million euro for double car Bugatti Type 41 Royale Sports 1931, sold on auction Christie's in 1980.

D-Type 1939. Hitler car