Peugeot cars to be forbidden in Russia

The Russian car driver will receive from Peugeot more than $75000
Car drivers have received good precedent. The inhabitant of Rostov-on-Don Rostislav Rychanov has managed to achieve from Russian branch " Peugeot " - the company " Peugeot Rus Auto" huge indemnification - more than $75000. During loud proceeding car driver from Rostov has forced the respondent to recognize the requirements and to make to it of an apology. Only after that Rostislav has withdrawn the claim.

During proceeding the letter of the general director of "Peugeot Ru Auto" Stefan Le Gevel to address of Rychanov has been read. In it besides apologies it has been told, that the company takes lessons concerning the organization of service and maintenance " identity of standards of mark "Peugeot" in Russia and the Europe"."I am satisfied by that the company had been drew such conclusions, - have declared Rostislav Rychanov. - I Hope, it will allow the Russian owners of cars " Peugeot " to avoid many problems in the future. Thus loud scandal has been finished, and car driver from Rostov has refused suit "Peugeot".

Occasion for the reference in court became a technical condition of the car. Its three-year Peugeot-607 only for one year repaired 18 times because of revealing various defects. The motorist declared, that " all the revealed malfunctions testify to serious constructive and industrial defects of the car ". And it convinced a management of correspondence "Peugeot Rus Auto", that " liquidation of essential lacks of the goods is made during all service life of the goods ".

Rychanov the defective car asked to replace with another, let even lower class. But with firm it has not found common language and has decided to achieve the through court. The motorist has demanded to pay residual cost of the machine (700 thousand roubles), put under the law on protection of the rights of consumer penalties (1 million 400 thousand roubles) to compensate mental cruelty (300 thousand roubles). Besides the annoyed motorist demanded to bear private definition to address of Gosstandart of the Russian Federation which have certificated the car. In opinion of Mr. Rychanov, Peugeot-607 is dangerous to the consumer as has essential lacks.

After several judicial sessions representatives "Peugeot Rus Auto" nevertheless have decided to enter negotiations with the motorist and to avoid continuation of judicial suit. To make public apologies to the client, from Moscow to Rostov the representative of Open Company " Peugeot Rus Auto "Konstantin Obuhov has arrived. " We have acted incorrectly, having listened to lawyers, - it has declared. - it is not necessary to lead up business to court ". As indemnification of damage Rychanov it will be paid 2 million 120 thousand roubles. In turn, Rostislav has presented the general director "Peugeot Rus Auto" newspaper clause inserted into a framework about the conflict to the portrait, having made an inscription on-Latin: " the World is reached by the consent ".

Let's notice, that it any more the first successful judicial suit car driver from Rostov with foreign motor-car manufacturers. With 1998 for 2001 Rychanov has won 12 courts against the company "Elaz General Motors ". Then, besides solid indemnification, it has achieved a recognition of constructive defects of engines Chevrolet Blazer then manufacture Chevrolet in Elabuga has been stopped.