Tramadol and driving

Take care! Tramadol can impair thinking and the physical abilities required for driving or operating machinery.

Question: For the first time I has tried tramadol about 2 years ago. I had headache after car accident and I used tramadol as anesthetizing. Then I started to use it more often one time in 3-2 months, for relaxation. And has not noticed, how I has sat down. The last 6 month I have used tramadol every day (small dozes- 3-4 pills in day). Now I gave it up. What consequences can be? How could I affect my organism during this time? Instructions and directories say only about dependence. 

Answer: As a matter of fact, " the information on dependence " also is the basic and most terrible consequence of the use of tramadol during 2 years. You have got the chronic, fatally dangerous disease, coming to an end a fatal outcome and having progressing current. This disease refers to a narcotism. All danger consists that not only tramadol, but also others psychoactive substances (alcohol, for example) represent for you danger. It is forbidden to you to take any of them. Up to the end of a life you risk again. 

Ttramadol, for the first time has been entered into a clinical practice in Germany and is most widely used as opium based analhetic in this country. When tramadol only started to be used, researchers thought, that it possesses considerably smaller property of development of dependence. Nevertheless, recent data show, that at some patients abusing tramadol became an addiction. Outside of the USA, tramadol it is accessible in various forms: solutions for injections, suppositoriums, drops, and tablets. In the USA tablets on 50 mg that limits its application for children are accessible only. A mode of batching at adults - 1 or 2 tablets every 4-6 hours.