The most exclusive car in the world - Tramontana

Tramontana becomes the most exclusive car in the world

TramontanaTramontana is, perhaps, the most unusual in the world of supercars. Its founders did not pursue records of speed, for them the main thing was - to transfer spirit of sports cars of the beginning of XX century.

When young engineer Mark Birkigt (Mark Birkigt) has left native Switzerland to be arranged on a speciality in the electrotechnical company in Barcelona very few people could assume, that its crossing will pour out in creation of one of the most prestigious automobile marks of the beginning of the last century. Based by it in 1904 Hispano-Suiza became the fashion-maker in the automobile world, competing with such companies, as Bugatti and Bentley.

But, unlike them, about one today it has not lived, and has been redeemed in 1944 by company Pegaso, it is nowadays and at all forgotten. But all heritage which was left by this company to the Spanish car industry, was invaluable. Everyone Hispano-Suiza was not simply powerful and magnificent, it was the present work of art.

But times of such machines for a long time have passed - considers Josep Rubau, the founder of company Tramontana. Modern supercars are created already without that passion to cars. The companies-manufacturers have taken a great interest in race of speeds, and cars are developed by means of autoconcerns which are excited only with rate of return. As a result in them there is no spirit of sports cars of the beginning of the last century when each record was a feat of the driver and the engineer more, and cars were piece work. And Josep considers, that its supercar Tramontana is revival of traditions of that time.

Tramontana on tech serviceThis unusual car was born at northeast coast of Spain, in a place with name Kosta gallant. The idea to create it has appeared exactly ten years ago when Rubau talked to the familiar collector of cars. That has complained to it, that modern supercar any more that in their design only thin mathematical calculation, and design - result of long researches of experts in marketing.

Recently there was a conceptual stagnation - yes, cars all became more perfect, and speeds all above, but cardinally nothing has changed. Josep, being the greater admirer of classics, has lighted up idea to create the modern Spanish car which would be constructed with use of technologies of XXI century, but stored spirit of such cars, as Hispano-Suiza and Pegaso. In the company of familiar experts and the same enthusiasts it has based the automobile company, and by 2005 the prototype a.d. Tramontana has created.

The car for the first time shown on a motor show in Geneva as the magnet drew visitors. A body reminding Formula-1 cars of 1960th years, whether planes-fighters 1940 - the decision disputable, but very courageous. Tramontana is a present thing of manual work, and all in it simply shouts about it. The leather of the manual manufacture, the tree polished by the Japanese masters is still all right, and here furnish of a body by white or yellow gold is not present at anybody. Thus the body - from carbon and aviation aluminium, and behind of seats settled down mighty engine V12 capacity from above 500 h.p. But the main thing - the individual attitude to each client, and construction of each car under it. In the company have declared, that never will let out two identical cars.

Among a target audience the car has done to many noise - it carried on many exhibitions, and interest to this car was enough big (considering its small volume of manufacture). It also became a signal to the beginning of piece manufacture.

Final version Tramontana has been presented in a year, on the same Geneva motor show. A body of the exposed car showed inserts from the polished tree, casting memoirs on models Hispano-Suiza of the beginning of the last century, such, how H6C ' Tulipwood? Torpedo. Thus even levers of suspension brackets "are wrapped carefully up" in leather covers. Of such study of trifles of very few people can brag.

Thus technology - the advanced. Known engineers took part in development of the car, and not only automobile, but also aviation. Carbon body is made not only a lung (the equipped weight of the machine is equal 1150 kg), but also thought carefully over from the point of view of safety. So, the central part of a body is made not deformable, but surrounded by 8 noise-reductors which are called to lower as much as possible overloads at failure.

Tramontana - the most exclusive car in the WorldLanding in the car - as in self-summer-interceptor. The pilot sits in front, and "navigator" behind. And the armchair of the last is raised so that to provide to it the good review. Analogies to jet self-summer here is for special needs - in fact on the car is put 720-strong engine V12 with two turbocopressor. But, at all thus, Tramontana is not going to beat records of speed though if to whom it is interesting, it is dispersed from a place up to 100 km/h less than for 4 seconds, and develops more than 260 km/h.

But Tramontana aspires to be the most exclusive car in the world. It is possible to order the double or single car, the open or closed version. To finish interior it is possible any materials. All depends on wishes of the client, whether it wishes to have a leather of the cow, the crocodile, a camel or the snake. The same and with a decor - it is possible to choose breed of a tree, or instead of it to put carbon, the titan, aluminium and even gold. And the ergonomics of each car are adjusted to the concrete owner.

The price too applies for a record. 610000 is not a phone number of the company, and the price list the car in euro. So, the happy owner of this curiosity hardly will have a chance to see on road the same car: in it to year the company will let out three machines, in the following six, and then every year will build up to twelve pieces.

But everything, what such project Tramontana? The Fresh sight at creation of supercars and the beginning of the new tendency, or simply one more arrogant project doomed to failure? Most likely, neither that, nor another. Basically, ideological colleagues at Tramontana already are - the same Dutch Spyker too does the rate on exclusive and spirit of the past. On the other hand, unsuccessful examples too suffices. But Josep Rubau it is adjusted rather optimistically. As he said, it already has some orders, and in the future interest to Tramontana will be only more. And it does not exclude, that soon many companies will follow to its example - and their cars will compete any more in speed, and in individuality.