Choosing summer tyres

With the first warm rays of the sun, we start to think how to change our car's after long winter, and manufacturers of tyres hasten to offer us that specials, that they had time to prepare during the cold months

Continental ContiPremiunContact 2
The basic achievements of this trunk - outstanding parameters of braking on any covering, excellent course stability and protection against hydroplaning owing to innovative three-dimensional flutes of a protector. The raised safety and the improved road performance for cars of a business class. These trunks are accessible in version SSR (Self-Supporting Runflat tyre), allowing to continue movement in the lowered condition on distance up to 80 km with the maximal speed of 80 km/h.

Goodyear Fulda Carat Exelero
Trunks are developed for the cars high-speed and last tuning. In an active, on assurances of the manufacturer, the reduced brake way on wet road, the precise controllability, the lowered noise level. In the trunk the new chemical compound of rubber with rather low elasticity providing optimum touching to road is used. The patented design combines the directed figure of a protector and breakdown on six edges, allowing to achieve balance of reliable controllability and resistibility to hydroplaning. Trunks are accessible in 18 standard sizes with an opportunity of installation on wheel disks in diameter from 16 up to 19 inches.

Michelin BFGoodrich Profiler 2
Group Michelin with 2006 offers trunk BFGoodrich Profiler 2 which provides the full control, excellent coupling on dry road owing to new structure of a rubber mix and has the greatest area of a spot of contact in the category. The trunk is developed for city and compact cars, has an index of speed V (240 km/h), landing diameter of 15 inches and structures 55-65.

Nokian Nokian i3
The new trunk with an index of speed (190 km/h), focused on high-speed and safe driving and intended for small cars with tire covers 13, 14 and 15 inches. The name of model i3 symbolizes itself three innovative decisions: rubber mix Nordic Cool Silica for increase of safety, "silent" design of a protector for increase of comfort, low wheeling resistance and absence in structure of a mix aroma oils for reduction of environmental contamination. The protector has asymmetric figure with the various internal and external parties. At external more rigid structure allowing the trunk is better to resist to lateral withdrawal in turns and to provide more exact behaviour of the car at maneuvering. The internal party has wide drainage flutes for the best resistance to hydroplaning. To lower noise at moving trunks, checkers of a protector have the different size and are supplied by special antinoise cavities. Optimization of rigidity of a protector by means of various devices improves coupling on a wet line and promotes uniform deterioration of the trunk.

Sibur Cordiant Standart RG1
Radial tubeless tyre which is let out including in a popular standard size in Europe 175/70 R13, allowing to establish it on cars VAZ of the "tenth" family and VAZ-1118 " Guelder-rose ". Figure of a protector provides an optimum combination of comfort, controllability and safety. The structure of a rubber mix includes new rubber DSSK which on the properties is close to natural that allows to achieve high coupling characteristics. The combination of a steel, polyamide and polyester cord provides durability and durability. An index of speed - (up to 210 km/h).